How to Make Your Own Photographic Logo

The question now is, what practice does it take to ensure that your images aren't miss proof and can be easily pushed to the top of the stack ready for the scanning process?

Every image is unique in digital time. Unlike letters on a typewriter, digital images consist of individual stamps that introduce variations of casts and coatings. Unlike a hand written note on a page handwritten by a coworker, each image is a little different depending on what was printed on it and what information was intended to be communicated. Hence, it is important that the image be as accurate as possible without being enhanced or modified except where stress is necessary such as in the captions of photographs or the faces in photographs.

This is where it is important to use the right medium for the job:

First, develop a collection of photographs that will be the best representative for the purpose of the shoot. Start with about 10-15 photos that showcase the subject matter that you are trying to showcase. Your main goal is to have a large collection of different shots that will showcase the subject matter that you are trying to get across in your images.

 According to John Armitage Photography Some online sources for images can be found at:,,,,,, and There are a large number of sources for images on the Internet and each one can be a perfect source for some of your collection.

Once you have collected the appropriate images, it is also a good idea to learn how to make your own clickable logo that will be used on your website. Designing your own clickable symbol will take some time and you will require images that are at least photographically correct. Check with the designer of your choice to determine exactly what will be required.

The clickable logo must be able to stand alone and large enough to be easily seen on your website. It must not be part of an embedded advertisement and it must not be theitalicized heading that is so common on some sites. Phrase your call for action in ways that are distinct from others and make sure that the sounds and sights used are easy to distinguish. Consider using different colors of text to draw attention to key elements such as tones and shadowing.

In designing yourcall forays, others will assist you. If you are seeking a photography job, discover what works well with photographers and what doesn't. Learning to work with different photographers for different situations will provide you with more variety in your job. Try to specialize in a certain field such as wedding, corporate, revert, food, etc. Some designers specialize in certain media such as ultraviolet, oil blindness, lighting, food, and landscapes.

Lastly, be prepared to advertise. Adages forCall forigsays for jobsoffer logo's are out there and they will be found. Simply pick up the phone to find out who is hiring and what they are looking for. If you have a great personality and can get the job done well, you will find plenty of opportunities.

Call billboards for job? Sure. Stickers for car? Sure. Butwhat if you simply don't have a personal marketing campaign going on? Your only competition is the thousands of other creativeFreelancePhotographerslooking for work. Do you stand a chance?

Freelance photography can be a $25,000 a month business if you have the creative imagination and determination to go forth and find work.

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